​Disaster Heroes is a proud supporter and sponsor of Sgt. Edwin Morales' upcoming 'Remember 9/12: Rebuilding & Reuniting America' Walk across NYC on Thursday, September 12, 2019. Join us on this very special Walk to remind us of the day NYC, America, and the world came together as one, and to honor and thank all the helpers and heroes involved. (To find out more about Sgt. Edwin Morales, his moving story and heroic journey, stay tuned for an upcoming feature on the Disaster Heroes website!)

If you would like to join us on Edwin's 9/12 Walk across Manhattan on

Sept. 12, here are the details so far - feel free to join us for the entire walk

from Queens to Ground Zero, or join us at one of the designated 'Rally

Points' indicated below. Throughout the 9/12 Walk, we will be thanking

first responders, construction workers, MTA Employees, traffic agents,

security officers, and other 'helpers and heroes' we bump into along the way. 


Starting Point - Queens: The Walk will start at the corner of Northern Blvd

& Broadway in Woodside Queens (Northern Blvd subway). The Walk will

start after a Moment of Silence at 8:46am, the time the North Tower was hit.

We will walk down Northern Blvd to the 59th Street Queensboro Bridge,

walking over the 59th Street Bridge into Manhattan.

Rally Point #1 - Times Square (ETA 10:30am): We will then walk to 59th Street Central Park South to 7th Avenue, walking down 7th Avenue to the Military Recruiting Station located in the middle of Times Square at 200 W 43rd Street, our first Rally Point, with an ETA of 10:30am.


After brief acknowledgements and a rest period, the Walk will continue at 11:00am, going down Broadway to Union Square, our second Rally Point with an ETA of 12:00 Noon.


Rally Point #2  - Union Square (ETA 12:00pm/Noon): After a brief rest period, we will start walking again at 12:30pm  from Union Square to the Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial Glade. Arrival Time around 1:30pm. This is the Third Rally Point.


Rally Point #3 - 9/11 Memorial Glade (ETA 2:00pm): After a Moment of Silence & some brief words led by Sgt. Edwin Morales at the 9/11 Memorial Glade, the Walk will continue at 2:00pm down to Battery Park. ETA at Battery Park is around 2:30pm.


Ending Point - Battery Park (ETA 2:30pm): The Walk will end at the tip of Battery Park by the Statue of Liberty ferry boats. There, we will have the last Moment of Silence & some final words.

We hope you can join us on September 12th! 



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